Systems biology and HCV research

Tuesday, 04 September 2012 by

BIOPRO GmbHAn article published by the Biotechnology and Life Sciences in Baden-Württemberg scientific portal (BIOPRO Baden-Württemberg GmbH) about international research project SysPatho with PBSoft participation: Systems biology and hepatitis C research.

The main objective of the joint international research project SysPatho is to advance in the understanding of hepatitis C virus lifecycle with the help of bioinformatics and systems biology approaches. The goal of the project is the development of a new mathematical and computational methods for the reconstruction of HCV-infected hepatocytes, that can be used for the identification of a new drug targets and can help in the treatment of  hepatitis C disease.

PBSoft took part in the round table discussion dedicated to the necessary legislative steps aimed at the support of innovative developments that was held in the frames of the International Youth Innovation Forum Interra'2010.

For the discussion were brought problems of Russian innovation economy, the state of the regulatory framework at all levels in the field of innovation, as well as domestic and international experience in this field. In the discussion of the topical issues took part members of the Novosibirsk Regional Council, leading Novosibirsk scientists, economists, managers, specializing in the management of scientific research.

sibyarm nobgPBSoft company passed the expert selection, management training and became the winner in the "Perspective business" nomination of the First Siberian Venture Fair, 2007, Russia.

The main aim of the Fair was to demonstrate to major Russian and foreign investors the technologic and innovative potential of promising companies in the Siberian region, introduce the concept of an entry-level hi-tech developments in the field of information technology, instrumentation, power electronics and biotechnology.